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How To Decorate A Living Room Boho Style

Boho-style living rooms usually have white walls and light wood finishes. They include rattan furniture, patterned textiles, and global accents. There is also a lot of greenery with many plants decorating the space.

Modern boho-style mixes with other popular designs, like Scandinavian. It does this with a neutral palette and a minimalist design. However, you can also go for an original Bohemian look. This means adding more colors and mixing different styles and textures. The goal is to make the room feel unique, like it has grown over time.

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Boho Living Room Inspiration

What is Boho Style?

Boho-style living rooms often have white walls and light wood finishes. They also include rattan furniture and patterned textiles. You’ll see global accents and lots of plants, too.

Today, many boho-style rooms are simpler. They stick to neutral colors and add plants for a fresh look.

You can mix in warm earth tones if you want, or go back to the original Bohemian style with bright, bold colors. It’s all about what you love.

Boho Living Room Essentials

Boho style is about mixing things up and being yourself. It takes ideas from all around the globe. A boho living room is the perfect place for this. This room is great for chatting, relaxing, or reading. A real boho room has special furniture, art you love, and mementos from trips.

In a boho living room, you’ll see things like rattan furniture, macrame decorations, and old rugs. Add in some plants and Moroccan lights, and it feels inviting and unique. It’s all about mixing different colors and patterns inspired by nature. You’ll find warm earth tones alongside bright colors reflecting designs of the East and West.

How To Decorate Your Home Boho Style

Boho rooms use soft colors like browns and creams, plus bright shades like blue and yellow. To get the boho look, layer different fabrics, materials, and designs. Mixing natural prints with bold patterns is a big part of boho style.

Embracing Color and Pattern

Boho-style living rooms are full of life with many colors and patterns. This mix gives the room a bold and lively feel. Though some boho rooms use fewer colors, you’re free to get creative. You can bring in deep gem tones, cozy earth shades, and mix them any way you like with patterns. Add patterned fabrics, bright decorations, and varied materials to really dive into the boho style.

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To make everything work together, pair bright colors and lively patterns with soft natural hues. The eclectic feel of boho design means you can mix and match almost anything. Try vintage rugs, macramé, rattan, and Moroccan lanterns. By layering different textures and sizes, you’ll make a living room that’s full of energy and truly yours.

Layering for Maximum Coziness

Boho-style living rooms feel layered and cozy. They’re filled with textiles like patterned rugs, throw blankets, and lots of pillows in various textures and materials. Macrame and rattan pieces as well as vintage decor help create this look, making the living room warm and inviting.

Key to the boho look is layering different materials and textures. Fill your room with throw pillows, area rugs, and textiles like macrame wall hangings and knit blankets. Rattan furniture, like egg or hammock chairs, also boosts the eclectic style. Mixing these natural materials with global patterns makes your space feel warm, personal, and totally boho.

Incorporating Nature’s Touch

Adding nature to your boho living room is key. Get some indoor plants like leafy greens. Also, add potted plants for a rich, natural vibe. Use materials like rattan and jute to connect with the outdoors. These touches balance the bright colors in boho decor. They make your space feel peaceful and connected.

Fill your boho room with plants, natural fabrics, and earth shades. This style is all about nature’s beauty. Big plants, hanging greenery, or tiny botanical details all work. They make your room cozy and calm. Mix these natural pieces with boho’s unique flair. You’ll have a room that’s beautiful and true to nature.

Boho Living Room Inspiration

Boho living rooms offer a wide range of designs. They can be simple and light or bold and colorful. You’ll often see rattan furniture, macrame items, old rugs, houseplants, and Moroccan lights. These pieces from around the world blend well with different textures, colors, and patterns. They help create a space that truly reflects you. Looking at various boho rooms, you’ll notice the individual spin each person puts on this style.

To make your boho room comfy, use floor-level seats. Certain kinds of tables and plants can make the space feel warmer. Big wooden coffee tables are seen as key for a modern boho style. Adding consoles for both decor and storage purposes is also a great idea.

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For a modern boho touch, think about adding mid-century furniture and plenty of plants. Use jute for its natural look and feel in your room. And don’t forget, more plants for that nature-loving boho feel.

It is recommended to use different patterns in your furnishings for that bohemian flavor. Some specific mirrors can really enhance the room’s look. Adding unique chairs and some poufs will help achieve a boho look and offer more seating.

Making your room playful can involve fun shaped furniture like arched bookshelves. Adding special rugs can also bring the whole look together. For the walls, consider textured paper and a mix of your favorite pictures, art, and macrame to add your personal touch.

Go with bold colors in your boho room. Using big tapestries or dreamcatchers can be great for a unique style.

What is Boho Style

Creating Personal Vignettes

Boho living rooms are known for their personal touches. You can create personal vignettes using treasured items and unique decor pieces. This lets you show off your style and what you love.

For example, combine different items like artwork, plants, vintage finds, and unique accents. This makes your living room special. It showcases who you are.

The text suggests using mirrors with bright metal frames against dark walls. This tip helps your vignettes stand out in a boho living room. Adding plants brings life and depth to your space, enhancing its cozy vibe. Using rugs and wicker baskets adds a personal touch. It keeps the space organized and unique.

For wall decor, try mixing different frames. This makes your style stand out. It’s a great way to show what you love and your memories.

Mixing vintage and modern items is also a cool idea. It gives your vignettes a fresh yet timeless look. This creates a special charm in your boho decor.

Lighting for Ambiance

Lighting is key to making a boho living room feel right. You can use warm, soft lights like Moroccan-inspired lanterns and string lights. Don’t forget table lamps with natural fiber shades. They make the place cozy and welcoming. Layering lights, like floor lamps and wall sconces, helps too. It adds a gentle, romantic light that fits the bohemian decor. Pick lights that match the boho vibe well. They’ll boost the room’s feel and look.

Boho lights are great for setting a mood or brightening a room. They also work well for specific tasks. Lots of Bohemian chandeliers, boho wall sconces, boho pendant lights, and boho table lamps are out there. They’re good for various places in the home. The bohemian style, with its bohemian lighting, is getting more loved. People like it for being young, mix-matched, and stylish.

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Rattan lights are a top pick for boho lighting fixtures. When it comes to bohemian lighting, common materials include wood, wood beads, and cotton besides rattan. It’s better to have many boho lighting fixtures around, instead of just one. This way, the space feels complete.

Colors like neutrals and naturals rule in boho lighting fixtures. They shout out the bohemian styleBoho style and mid-century style fit well together. They both share likes for shapes and natural stuff in their looks.

Mixing Old and New

Embracing the boho style means mixing old and new in your living room. You can add vintage or antique pieces to get a sense of history. Items like bohemian rugs or mid-century sofas add character. By pairing these with newer items, your space looks both classic and trendy.

Interior designer Erin Williamson says there are no set rules for mixing modern with antique. She suggests choosing things that mean something to you. Antique furniture is known for its detailed craftsmanship. You can make old pieces look new by updating them slightly. Keeping a similar color scheme ties the whole look together. Big antique furniture items stand out in modern rooms, adding flair.

Start with small antique items if you’re on a budget. These could be tables or lighting. Mixing modern and traditional pieces makes your home look well-collected over time. Combining modern with rustic furniture also works well. It creates a balanced look, particularly in modern rustic homes. This approach helps you build a unique boho space that reflects your style.


Turning your living room into a boho paradise is easy. You just need to dive into a world of freedom, mix pieces, and add your own personal touch. Use items like rattan furniture, macrame accents, and vintage rugs. Don’t forget to include plenty of indoor plants and Moroccan lanterns. This mix will make your space look and feel uniquely you, drawing from cultures around the world.

Boho style is all about being bold. It’s mixing many vibrant colors and diverse textures. Your living room will become a cozy, inviting spot that mirrors your personal flair. Whether you like things simple or packed with stuff, your space should truly be yours. It reflects the beautiful bohemian way of life.

By adding these special touches, you can change your living room into a place of tranquility and self-expression. The boho theme loves the surprise and the mix of different styles. This helps you make a space that speaks volumes about who you are.

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