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Hollywood Regency Decor Ideas for Glamorous Interiors

The Hollywood Regency style is a vibrant way to decorate your home that hails from Hollywood’s Golden Age, from the 1920s to the 1950s. It features bright colors, elegant fabrics, and bold lights, capturing the feel of old Hollywood’s luxury. By adding these features to your decor, your house can become a chic retreat that reminisces the timeless appeal of classic movies.

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What Is Hollywood Regency Style?

Hollywood Regency started in the 1930s in California. It celebrates the glamour of Hollywood’s 20th century heyday. Dorothy Draper, a leading designer, showed this opulent style at the Greenbrier resort. She inspired many others to follow suit.

Hollywood Regency became a hit through films and their sets in the 1920s-1950s Golden Age. It then made a comeback in the 1960s at Sunnylands, owned by the Annenbergs, in California. Echoing the Art Deco movement, it shines with boldness and elegance.

This style loves all things bold and beautiful. Think gilded touches, vivid jewel tones, and mirrored pieces that reflect like a studio mirror. It uses exciting textures and deep-colored leathers, making every room a showstopper.

What Is Hollywood Regency Style

Hollywood Regency is also about the details. It features slim furniture, shiny surfaces, and a mix of modern and vintage. Kelly Wearstler, a modern designer, still draws from its style for inspiration today.

Art Deco and Hollywood Regency share love for shine and color. However, Hollywood Regency goes further into luxury and decadence. It paved the way for the sleek look of midcentury modern design.

Key Characteristics of Hollywood Regency Decor

Hollywood Regency style is known for bold, bright colors and patterns. It uses luxurious materials like velvet and marble. Plus, it highlights symmetry and glossy finishes.

Designers in this style love jewel-toned palettes and fancy black and white floors. They also use elegant, curved furniture. This makes everything look rich and stylish.

Examples of the style’s balance are peacock chairs next to a white couch. These match perfectly.

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Hollywood Regency Decor

Hollywood Regency decor uses colors like topaz blue and emerald green. It also features materials such as marble and velvet. And, you’ll see plenty of shiny, glossy finishes.

Gilded accents, bold jewel tones, and leopard prints are key in Hollywood Regency. You’ll also find black-and-white checkerboard floors and flashy chandeliers.

This design loves using lively colors and strong patterns. It’s all about shiny, lacquered and high gloss surfaces. You’ll see rich fabrics like fur and silk too.

Rooms in Hollywood Regency can have tropical wallpapers or animal print rugs. They also feature fabrics with big flower patterns.

Both Hollywood Regency and Art Deco use geometric patterns and clean lines. These styles show off the best of the 1920s and 1930s. They reflect the new buildings and technologies of that time.

Colors that Define Hollywood Regency Decor

The Hollywood Regency style loves using bold colors. Designers pick rich, jewel-toned hues like topaz blue, emerald green, amethyst pink, and citrine gold. These bright colors often go with a black and white theme, like a shiny checkerboard floor or opposite walls. This mix of colors makes the design feel very luxurious and stylish.

Hollywood Regency goes all out with its colors. It mixes deep jewel tones with sharp black and white for a lavish look. These colors are often made shiny with metallic finishes and reflective surfaces. This adds more drama and luxury to the style.

Hollywood Regency Decor

Think of Hollywood Regency as luxury turned up to 11. It’s all about being bold, beautiful, and extra. This design mixes art deco with mid-century modern for a look that’s bold yet refined. To make your space feel like old Hollywood, add bright colors, rich fabrics, and standout furniture. This will turn your home into a dazzling and fancy retreat.

The 1930s in California birthed Hollywood Regency style. It drew from the glamour of the movie era. Stars in the 1920s to 1950s had their homes decorated in this style by well-known designers. You’ll see touches like gold, vibrant colors, and bold patterns in Hollywood Regency homes. Plus, there’s a lot of mirrors and shining lights.

In the 1930s, Hollywood Regency started in the movie business. Big names like Dorothy Draper and William Haines helped make it famous. It’s a style that loves to show off with a mix of ornate pieces and sleek design. This gives it a look that’s both classic and glam.

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Hollywood Regency Decor Ideas for a Luxe Home

Hollywood Regency rooms often have bold wallpapers and exotic-patterned rugs. Art Deco influence is clear with its bold use of color and materials like glass. Yet, Hollywood Regency takes these ideas and makes them richer and bolder.

Rococo and Chinoiserie are also part of Hollywood Regency’s mix. Today’s take might use soft colors but still sparkle with gold and glass. It’s the opposite of the simple style of midcentury modern. Hollywood Regency is all about going big with every detail.

For furniture, this style often picks midcentury pieces that are straightforward. Gold details show up in both Hollywood Regency and Art Deco homes. And don’t forget the animal prints, which add a fun, wild touch to the decor.

Furniture and Accessories for the Glamorous Look

To get the Hollywood Regency look, you need both unique furniture and fancy accessories. It mixes antique European pieces with simple, mid-century modern ones. This brings out a look that’s interesting and full of layers. Use mirrored surfaces, shiny finishes, and items with metal touches for that glamorous shine. And don’t forget, soft velvet, rich furs, and fancy chandeliers make your space feel truly lush.

Hollywood Regency goes all-in on glamour. It’s about using gold touches, marble, and very fine fabrics. You often see a mix of textures and patterns, black and white floors, big mirrors, and big art pieces. These are all wrapped up in a mix of bold colors and shades. Look for Rococo-style pieces like slipper chairs and chandeliers that are really detailed. Adding in Chinoiserie accents, like screens or bamboo, is also key to this luxe look.

For color, think hot pink, turquoise, and yellow for Hollywood Regency. Bold combinations in these shades work great for the interior. Shiny metal décor is very important in this style. A sunburst mirror can instantly add glam to your room. And don’t forget about using the finest fabrics such as velvet, silk, or fur. These add a true sense of luxury. Plus, lacquered furniture, like shiny tables, are must-haves in Hollywood Regency. It’s also used in small items to bring in that glossy look.

Hollywood Regency Decor Ideas for Glamorous Interiors

Lighting the Hollywood Regency Way

Lighting is key in making the Hollywood Regency look. Designers pick a mix of light pieces, such as unique table lamps and big chandeliers. These lights add drama and luxury to the space. Choosing the right lighting can turn your home into a Hollywood Regency dream.

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Mirrors and shiny furniture make the light sparkle more. This makes the room feel rich and grand. Reflective surfaces are a big part of the Hollywood Regency style. They help your whole place look fancy and stylish.

Big chandeliers and modern floor lamps can change a room’s feel completely. Picking a mix of lights, from impressive to simple, is how you balance the look. This mix creates that unique Hollywood Regency vibe.

Incorporating Patterns and Textures

The Hollywood Regency style mixes bold patterns with luxurious textures. Designers use geometric shapes, starburst motifs, and animal prints for a striking look. They also use metallic finishes and mirrors to bring in Hollywood’s glamorous feel.

Sumptuous materials like velvet, silk, and lucite add to the opulent style.

Adding a mix of patterns and textures brings Hollywood Regency to your space. Think about using metallic accents and shiny surfaces. Mix that with bold contrasts, large art prints, and fancy chandeliers.

To truly grab the Hollywood Regency vibe, mix vibrant patterns with rich textures. Use stylish furniture like velvet sofas or bold chairs. Always add metallic touches, statement pieces, and jewel tones. Don’t forget about bold patterns, mirrors, chinoiserie details, and crystal chandeliers.

Wall Treatments for a Dramatic Effect

Inspired by Hollywood Regency, plain white walls are out of the question. Instead, designers go for rich, bold wall colors. They add decorative molding for elegance and drama. Wallpaper with bold patterns, like geometrics or tropics, can also work wonders. These designs turn your walls into works of art and set the scene for glamour.

Use bright wall colors and add decorative molding for a Hollywood touch. Try out eye-catching wallpaper to bring in luxury and drama. These choices help your home shine with the lavish style of Hollywood Regency.


Using the Hollywood Regency style in your house brings timeless beauty and riches of old Hollywood. This style mixes vibrant colors, rich fabrics, and bold lights. Your rooms will feel like sophisticated getaways, showing the magic of classic movies. Whether you go all out or add small hints, your space will impress everyone.

The Hollywood Regency style fits well in many places at home, like bedrooms and dining rooms. It mixes classic with modern. You’ll create a welcoming space that shines with glamorous beauty and timeless charm.

Use vivid colors and fancy materials to follow the Hollywood Regency look in your home. This style can be strong or subtle. Either way, it makes a space that’s impressive and unforgettable for guests.

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