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Embrace Regency Elegance with Bridgerton Home Decor Ideas

The Netflix series Bridgerton has made many fall in love with Regency-style home decor. It shows a world of elegance that many now want to recreate in their own space.

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Bridgerton’s set was filled with over 250 special pieces. These included unique furniture and beautiful drapes. They aimed to bring the era’s grandeur alive.

Now, everyone can enjoy Regency-style beauty at home. Whether through small decor items or larger, Bridgerton-inspired pieces, you can make your space look luxurious. This article will help you turn your place into a stunning Regency masterpiece.

The Allure of Bridgerton Home Decor

The Bridgerton series mesmerizes us with its grand settings and detailed decor. It shows a world filled with elegance and luxury. This inspires a surge in interest for luxury home decor inspired by Bridgerton.

The show takes us back to the Regency era with its rich colors and well-made furniture. A key part of decor in British dramas is the use of bright colors. during that time. Rich families would fill their homes with such beautiful things, showing off their wealth. This made their spaces look very grand and sophisticated.

The detailed settings in the series make us want to bring this elegance into our own homes.


Items like grand chandeliers and fancy drapes make every room in the Bridgerton home furnishings look beautiful. These ideas help us turn our houses into places that feel luxurious and elegant, just like in the past.

Incorporating Wedgwood Blue

Wedgwood Blue brings a timeless look, found in both the Bridgerton world and in 18th-century Jasperware ceramics. It is a color of elegance. The Bridgerton family’s home is enriched by this classic blue, adding grandeur and refinement.


For a touch of the Bridgerton’s regal feel in our homes, adding Wedgwood Blue works wonders. Think fancy wall lights, lush curtains, and fine dining dishes. This tint nods to the past while staying stylish today.

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Choose things like vases or decorative plates akin to Jasperware pottery. Mixing these in with your decor merges old-school charm with a modern twist. It mirrors the luxury of the Bridgerton universe.

Using Wedgwood Blue in seats, paintings, or small decorations fits almost anywhere. This choice keeps our spaces looking posh, just like the show. It celebrates history and level-up our home’s elegance.

Regency Style Home Accessories

Turn your space into something from Bridgerton for a dose of elegance. Use the right vintage Bridgerton decor and regency style home accessories. This way, your place can feel like the drama-filled charm of the show.

Elegant Candlesticks and Candelabras

The Bridgerton show is known for its stunning use of candlesticks and candelabras. They create a warm and inviting around-like glow. To get this look, consider items like the gold Rowen & Wren Bingley Brass Candlestick. It’s vintage and works well with regency style home accessories.

Vintage Mirrors and Frames

Mirrors and frames that look rich are key for a Bridgerton feel. The Nkuku Murwara Arch Mirror is a great option. Its detailed design makes rooms look bigger and more regal.

Adding these regency style home accessories brings Bridgerton’s grandeur to your home. Candlesticks, mirrors, and more can turn your place into a scene from Bridgerton. They truly make your space feel like a regal era.

Color Themes Inspired by Bridgerton Characters

The colors worn by Bridgerton characters can spark ideas for your home. Each family’s unique color mix sets a mood that your living space can also show.

Bridgerton Family – Powder Blue, Cream, and Gold

To mimic the Bridgerton family’s style, use their colors. Mix Bridgerton family powder blue with cream and gold. It creates a classy and peaceful feel in your home.

Paint your walls in a light powder blue tone. Add cream furniture and gold accents. This combo captures the Bridgerton’s elegance.


Featheringtons – Vibrant Greens

The Featherington family’s bold green shines with excitement. Use Featherington vibrant greens for a flashy room. It makes a fun and lively space.

Use this bold green on walls, furniture, or decor. It brings the Featheringtons’ lively spirit into your home.

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Lady Danbury’s Dusky Pink and Gold

Lady Danbury’s scheme shows style and grace. Mix Lady Danbury’s dusky pink with golden touches. Your space will feel deep and warm.

Add pink through items like cushions. Top off with gold accents. This makes a luxurious and welcoming space, like Lady Danbury’s home.

Furniture Fit for Regency Royalty

The allure of Bridgerton home furnishings comes from their fine craftsmanship and ornate details. They take us to a world of luxury like that of the Regency era’s royalty.

The Floral Dressing Table, modeled after Marie Antoinette, is a prime example. Its detailed carvings and floral patterns make it perfect for a regal-themed living room. It boasts a mix of charm and sophistication, capturing the series’ style.

John Lewis & Partners offers an antique pedestal side table that shines as well. It not only boasts the elegance of Bridgerton home furnishings but also brings a historical touch. Its design fits in with both traditional and modern decors while adding a note of royalty.


These remarkable pieces help us achieve a refined regal-themed living room. They let us live the elegance and splendor seen in Bridgerton. This furniture doesn’t just decorate our spaces; it narrates a tale of grace and luxury through every detail.

Luxe Fabrics and Textures

Bring the Bridgerton series’ elegance into your living space. Use fabrics like velvets and silks. These materials, along with rich, regency-inspired designs, will make any room feel luxurious.

Luxurious Velvets and Silks

Velvets and silks stand out in Bridgerton-inspired decor. Velvet gives a room a cozy and stylish feel. Add silk drapes to make your space feel royal.

Try decorating with velvety cushions or silk throws. These will bring that Bridgerton vibe to your home.

Regency-Inspired Patterns

Think about using regency-inspired designs too. These usually have detailed patterns and feel rich to the touch. Using such patterns in your decor can give your space a classic, yet modern look.

Consider using these elements to make your space lush and Bridgerton-like. This way, your home not only celebrates the past but also your own style.

Creating Ambience with Lighting

Lighting is key for setting the right mood. It plays a big part in bringing the Bridgerton inspired home accents to life. The show’s beautiful candlelit rooms and grand chandeliers inspire us to do the same in our homes.

Picking lights that are both pretty and useful is a great start. Think about the elegant Jemma Table Lamp in Dusky Pink by Gallery Interiors. It brings a touch of Regency’s gentle beauty to your space.

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Adding a vintage resin candle holder can also level up your space. These pieces add a hint of drama and history. They light up the room and create a romantic feel.

Choosing the right lighting lets us mirror Bridgerton’s lavish look. We can make our homes cozy, welcoming, and very stylish. Add in some soft glows and bold lights to capture the show’s magic.

Adding Historical Accents and Conversation Starters

Bring some Bridgerton charm into your home with historically inspired pieces. These Bridgerton inspired home accents do more than just decorate. They kick off great conversations by mixing Regency splendor with modern life.

“It’s the little touches that invoke the spirit of the era,” says production designer Will Hughes-Jones.

The Nkuku Bumble Bee Door Knocker is a prime example. It adds a touch of whimsy from the Regency period. Anyone who sees it will surely smile. The Oliver Bonas bee embroidered cushion is another delightful find. It mingles relaxation with a dash of historical grandeur.

The NOTHS butterfly hanging bird feeder is perfect for your outdoor space. It’s beautiful and useful, with a touch of history. Your garden will feel like a scene from the show, elegant and full of life.

Picking these Bridgerton inspired home accents carefully can spruce up our living spaces. They are not just pretty; they spark conversations too. These pieces show our deep appreciation for the show’s detailed design and history.


Bridgerton home decor is about turning our living spaces into luxurious spots. They reflect the charm of Regency London. This is done by using pastel colors, rich fabrics, detailed accents, and old-style decorations from the show.

This mix of history and modern style makes our homes beautiful. It lets us feel like we’re living in the lavish world of Bridgerton every day.

What makes Bridgerton decor special are its many design choices. From soft Wedgwood Blue to vivid Featherington greens, there’s something for everyone. Items like unique candlesticks and royal furniture add to the luxurious feel.

Choosing the right details turns our spaces into something out of a fairy tale. It balances tradition with a fresh, modern touch. This way, our homes become a mix of timeless beauty and current trends.

Bridgerton home decor is more than just looking like a period drama. It’s about valuing the craft and beauty of the past. When we pick out pieces carefully, our rooms become personal havens full of history and elegance.

Let’s enjoy the journey of decorating our homes in Bridgerton’s style. It changes the feel of our spaces and helps us honor the beauty of both old and new eras.

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